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Unresolved import dependencies from external jar files

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I am getting unresolved dependencies in some external JAR files that I'm using(for example the js.jar, log4j.jar, ...).  I never had problems when i used to run the application normally (from eclipse).

I can create the installer and run the application in a normal way, but i want to know if these unresolved dependencies will affect my application in some cases.

Any ideas?

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Unresolved import dependencies may result in throwing "NoClassDefFoundError"

at run time if your application tries to access one of the absent classes listed

in the warning message.

The dynamic nature of Java permits using inconsistent jars and classes.

Please note that absent classes may be generated during run time or

"NoClassDefFoundError" may be successfully caught by the Java code.

So unresolved import dependencies don't necessarily mean an error.

The JET Control Panel shows this warning message for you to be sure that

none of the listed classes should be included to your application.?

As for third-party libraries the only option is to ignore the inconsistencies.

You may also file a complaint to vendors of such jars.

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