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Hi *,

I am trying to call a kernel32 function but without much sucess. The function I want to call is:


Part of the problems I have is due to the fact that I don't know the exact signature of this function.

The description of this function on Microsoft Site does not reaply help nme further:


To help solve this issue I used a DLL explorer and got the following signature:

function SetProcessWorkingSetSize(hProcess: THandle; dwMinimumWorkingSetSize,

      dwMaximumWorkingSetSize: DWORD):

Yet, neither DWORD nor THandle is something that xFunction understands.

Please help!!!



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The signature of the function you need is:

BOOL WINAPI SetProcessWorkingSetSize(

  HANDLE hProcess,

  SIZE_T dwMinimumWorkingSetSize,

  SIZE_T dwMaximumWorkingSetSize


As HANDLE and SIZE_T are both 32-bits wide in WIN32 you should use this signature in xFunction:

"int SetProcessWorkingSetSize (int, int, int)"



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