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When I programing in modula2 sometimes I need to say FROM xxxx IMPORT ggg,gggg; but sometimes it is in of to say IMPORT xxx;

Why this different?

Greets Thanks a lot.

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They are two different ways of importing identifiers.

FROM xxx IMPORT ggg,gggg; 

    imports individual identifiers (procedures, types, sets, etc.);

IMPORT xxx; 

    imports everything in the module xxx.  You then need to qualify the identifier with the module name.

    You can use both methods in one program.  For example, say you want to use WriteString from TextIO and STextIO in the same program.

If you use

FROM STextIO IMPORT WriteString, WriteLn;

You can then use the [tt]STextIO[/tt] version by calling [tt]WriteString,[/tt] and the [tt]TextIO[/tt] version by calling the qualified identifier [tt]TextIO.WriteString[/tt] (for writing to a file, for example).

You can qualify everything with


in which case you'd have to use: [tt]STextIO.WriteString[/tt] or [tt]TextIO.WriteString[/tt] every time.

Lots of people prefer using qualified identifiers all the time, as an aid in documenting their code, as it shows where a particular identifier comes from.

Note that you can use a combination with the same module, for example:

IMPORT Strings;
FROM Strings IMPORT FindNext, Extract;

Then, you could use [tt]FindNext[/tt] and [tt]Extract[/tt] directly, but if you wanted to use [tt]Concat,[/tt] you'd have to qualify it with [tt]Strings.Concat[/tt] (and if you forget what you've loaded, [tt]Strings.FindNext [/tt]and [tt]Strings.Extract[/tt] will also work, because you imported the whole module).

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