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Build dll from resource only jar

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If I have a jar file with ONLY resources (let's say they're images for argument sake), is there a way using jet to build a dll with this jar ... rather than getting a '#no class-files in the project' message.  Before anyone says it, yes I know it doesn't really make sense to have a jar file with no classes, what I'm trying to achieve is to seperate the resources from the exe because the resources can change without the exe changing.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Of course, you can add fake class (class Fake{}) to your jar and it will be possible to make DLL after that. However the better way IMHO, to leave the JAR separate from EXE.

To do this, simply do not pack your jar to exe: choose "none" for your jar in pack to exe combobox in the Classpath grid of the Page Classpath? of JET Control Panel if you use JET 4.5, or do the same on the Page Resources for the earlier JET versions. Doing this, you achieve the aim to change the resources without the exe changing.

For more details, read JET User's Guide (http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdoc.html), Chapter "Application Consideration", section "Resource packing".

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