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Problem with FindWindow

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Hello i have a problem with the FindWindow function from user32

i used many signature but didn't find the good one

i thought it was

new xFunction("USER32","int FindWindow(CSTRING,CSTRING)")

i even used

new xFunction("USER32","int FindWindow(UNICODESTRING,UNICODESTRING)")

i am not good with window and msdn at all can someone show me the syntax.

the new xFunction("USER32","int BringWindowToTop(int)"); function can be created correctly btw.



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ok i solved it myself

this is just because FindWindow is named FindWindowA in user32.dll.

i have now another problem it is with

new xFunction("USER32","int GetClassNameA(int,CSTRING*,int)");

i am unable to deref correctly the second argument it gives me correctly the int in return with a non zero value (16 in my example case) but i have a jvm excpetion when i try to deref the Pointer object for the 2nd argument.

any help appreciated.


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