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Jet Pack "New Shortcut" bug?

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I have at least 3 times packaged something with JetPack

(Currently 4.1), added the executable at step 7, changed the

name of the shortcut from "New Shortcut" to "Blah", then after

waiting for it to compile for 20 minutes, copying to another

computer and installing, discover that the shortcut is named

"New Shortcut" again.  As I have said, this has happened

multiple times, and I am POSITIVE I changed it.

It is really frustrating to have to spend another 30 minutes just

to fix a stupid shortcut name.

Does anybody else have this problem?  Is it a bug, or is there

something I am doing wrong?

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It is almost bug in JET4.1 but feature.  Once you have typed a name for a shortcut, press "ENTER" to confirm your change, else your change will be cancelled (and default name is "New shortcut" of course). You can see this way of  shortcuts changing in JET User's Guide moreover.  It was fixed in JET 4.5: now you are not forced to press "ENTER".

The "feature" was introduced thanks to "JTree.setInvokesStopCellEditing" obfuscated name that cancels default behavior of JTree regarding cell editing used in JET4.1.

IMHO, InvokesStopCellEditing should be true by default as it corresponds users perception, but it is not.

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