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Problem with CoreDuo CPUs?

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if I run my compiled application on a CoreDuo with 2GB physical and 4GB virtual memory after some processing with plenty of GC activity? (file processing, building? of internal data structures, etc.) I receive the out of memory error message.

There is still >1GB physical memory free and the swapfile is < 1GB. During processing both processor cernels are highly active (70...100%).

If I execute the same programm on my old Athlon or PentiumIV with 768 or 1GB physical RAM it works slow but without any memory problems.

Any idea what's going on? To solve this issue will get important for me next 4 week, when the final build has to be delivered.

Thank's for your help in advance. By the way I use the 4.5 with the latest patches and a there is a valid support contract.

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I've forwarded your report to our Support Dept.

Please contact them directly via e-mail (java@excelsior-usa.com) as it is written in your Support Contract.


ZZ Top

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