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It may run if you have necessary compat libs, but I don't think so.

I have tried to compile xds-c on a 64 bit platform and it failed.

So, you can use yet only 32bit versions on a 32bit os's.

If you are using oberon-2, then I'll recommend you to work with oo2c http://ooc.sf.net

It use ansi c as a portable assembler, and there are 64bit verions available. They have released new version recently.

If you are interested in Oberon I can recommend yuo Ulm's Oberon compiler. It doesn't depend on any c code so you can use it on a system with linux kernel and without libc. I have compiled it on amd64. All you need is 64bit libelf to compile tof2elf executable.

It runs pretty well on an amd64 :)



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