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Modula 2 Threads, Processes, Timer

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I have to make a text based application in modula 2 under linux.

The program should show the time in the screen. In the main loop i wait key pressing.

I use the Window module. In the xds/def/xds directory i found Threads.def, but there is no Threads.sym in the xds/sym directory. I compile the def file. and then try to link with gcc (libxds.a and libts.a). then i got the error message: "undefined reference to Threads_CreateThread".

Why is not in libxds.a the Threads module?

Or what is the solution ?

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I have the solution!  :)

unix signals

There is in the unistd.def an alarm procedure, that raise a SIGALRM signal, and int the signal handler, i call again the alarm procedure.

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