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And now ...

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... why my input structure like this

class inputS


  public int X;

  public int Y;

  public String s;


// C struct

// struct inputS {

// long X;

// long Y;

// unsigned char * s;

// }

with this code:

xFunction f = new xFunction("mydll","void myFunction(inputS*)")

// C function void myFunction(inputS*)

inputS inArg = new inputS();




Pointer arg= Pointer.createPointerTo((Structure)inArg);


resulting in:

inputS.X = 1  --> OK!

inputS.Y = 2  --> OK!

inputS.s = "%$?&" etc.  :huh:??:huh:??:huh:?

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resulting in:

inputS.X = 1? ?--> OK!

inputS.Y = 2? ?--> OK!

inputS.s = "%$?&" etc.? :huh:??:huh:??:huh:??

please clarify, when you get this results: in native code or in a java code after invoking of xFunction?

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