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Pointer to struct arrays ....

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Someone can tell me how is the mapping for a stGeo** parameter where the c function is something like this

void myfunc(stGeo**);

and stGeo is

struct stGeo {

char[10] a;

char[20] b;


and the function returns a pointer to an array of stGeo :huh:

I try with something like this:

xFunction f=new xFunction("myDll","void _myfunc@28(stGeo*)");

stGeo[][] paramStGeo = new stGeo[][]{{new stGeo(), new stGeo()}};

Pointer arg = Argument.create("stGeo*");


stGeo[][] output = (stGeo[][])arg.createArray(new int[]{1,2};

and in output[0] I could have my output but it doesn't works

What is wrong :huh:

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I try also with:


xFunction f=new xFunction("geoengine", "int myfunc(OutputNorm**)");

Pointer arg= Pointer.create("OutputNorm**");


OutputNorm[][] outEff=(OutputNorm[][])((Pointer)arg).createArray(new int[]{1,22});


OutputNorm[] outEff=(OutputNorm[])((Pointer)arg).createArray(new int[]{22});


Pointer outEff=(Pointer)((Pointer)arg).deref();

OutputNorm[][] outEff2=(OutputNorm[][])((Pointer)outEff).createArray(new int[]{1,22});

but I obtain always all blank fields !!!!!!!

HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!

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