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ANSI module available

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I've recently completed an ANSI module and I'm making it available for everyone, under the GPL.

You can use ANSI escape codes for text colors, cursor positioning, and other options in text terminals and virtual consoles.

The module was created for use with XDS Modula-2 on a GNU/Linux system.  However, it should be useable on other Operating Systems and with other Modula-2 compilers with only minor modifications.  Linux comes with support for ANSI codes.  Support for ANSI on Windows and DOS machines requires a device driver.

The module gives you a number of ways of manipulating the text on your terminal.  Using constants or procedures, you can change the foreground and background text color, text attributes, cursor position, or erase and clear lines and the screen in a number of ways.

Comments, suggestions, questions and complaints are welcome!


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