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JetPackII Disk Footprint Reduction

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I have a problem with JetPackII (JET 4.80 / J2SE 1.5.0_09) where when I build my application with the medium or high reduction then my application hangs during start up and I have to terminate the process after waiting a few minutes. This isn't my problem though as I'm happy to use the no reduction option.

The problem is that whenever I start JetPackII from a saved project and the Medium Reduction option is selected and I then change it to No Reduction then the first time I create the Installer Setup it still creates it with the medium reduction option.  If I then create the installer a second time it works just fine.



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Hmm... Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce neither the first problem nor the second.

Could you post here your JPN file (with "MEDIUM REDUCTION" option selected) or send it to support@excelsior-usa.com?

By the way, could you also try to reproduce the problem with a sample application like "SwingSet2" or "Hello World"? We wonder whether the problems are application-depended or not.

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