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Detecting EOF of pipeline input

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I have a problem in detecting EOF of stdin when it is piped.

The following is a simple version of cat, which handles only StdInChan.

    MODULE simplcat;

    FROM STextIO IMPORT ReadChar, SkipLine, WriteChar, WriteLn;

    FROM SIOResult IMPORT ReadResults, ReadResult;


        ch: CHAR;



      WHILE ReadResult() <> endOfInput DO

        IF ReadResult() = endOfLine THEN

          WriteLn(); SkipLine()


          WriteChar(ch) END;

        ReadChar(ch) END END simplcat.

Compile this module on Windows XP, type

    simplcat <simplcat.mod

and you will have no problem.  But reading from pipeline, e.g.

    simplcat <simplcat.mod | simplcat

    type simplcat.mod | simplcat

etc. will, after printing all the lines,  cause RTS exception.

Errinfo.$$$ is like this:


    #RTS: unhandled exception #4: IOException.hardDeviceError 0000006DH

    00000226  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    00001CD8  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    00001BA4  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    000031D9  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    00004116  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    000019C1  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    000024C3  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    00001FDA  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

    00000065  00000000  d:\work\simplcat.exe

I have no idea who is to blame, you or Microsoft.

Does it occur only in Japan, maybe?

Could you try the module on your XP computer?

Other observations:

The error does not occur if ReadToken is used instead of ReadChar.

But it does occur if ReadRestLine is used.

I downloaded XDS on May 31, 2005.

My system is Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 from Microsoft Japan.

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I wrote a simple Delphi program to check console:

program scat;

{$Apptype console}


  ch: char;


  while not eof do






Well, it works fine as "scat.exe < scat.dpr | scat.exe"

I think that ReadChar has an error because Delphi's code makes some checks while opening text file (and console too).

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