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Additional Services for Excelsior JET Customers

A number of technical support services are available to you under the support contract included with your Excelsior JET purchase. The paid services described on this page are in addition to those.

We offer a complete range of training and consulting services to Excelsior JET users. Whether you need to start using the product quickly, configure it for optimal results, or add a new feature, we have a solution for you, fully customizable to fit your needs and budget.

We also invite you to capitalize on our intimate knowledge of the Java SE tehcnology core through utilizing our generic Java consulting services.

NEW: Fixes/Workarounds for Bugs In Java SE API Classes

If you have encountered an annoying bug in the JDK for which you are unable to find a workaround, and waiting for Oracle to fix it does not fit your release schedule, we may be able to help.

Our Java core expertise and the commercial license for the Java Technology enable us to fix bugs found in the Oracle's JDK implementation and merge the fixes into a mainstream version of Excelsior JET.

What may be even more important for you is that we can do that right now whereas fixes in the JDK may appear much later, if at all, especially if you have to stick to a legacy version of the Java platform.

If you need something fixed in the Java core, just let us know and Excelsior engineers will be back to you with a proposal.


Our specialist will come to your site and teach your developers how to use Excelsior JET most effectively using your own applications as exercises.


Rapid Migration

Our consultants will help you jump-start using Excelsior JET for the optmization and packaging of your applications. Learn more

Custom Engineering

From minor enhancements to new platform support, we shall develop, test, and document new functionality into Excelsior JET based on jointly prepared specifications.

Generic Java Consuiting

JVM Development, Porting And Optimization

Senior Excelsior engineers will port a Java SE/ME technology implementation to the platform of your choice, customizing and optimizing it to your requirements. Our Authorized Java Licensee status gives us full access to Java SE source code and compatibility tests. Learn more

Application performance audit and tuning

Our dedicated consultant will work closely with your developers to help them discover performance bottlenecks and/or resource leaks in your applications and suggest the best solutions and workarounds. Learn more

Mixed-language Application Integration

Our engineers will help you integrate your Java code and code written in other languages using JNI, sockets, or a COM/ActiveX/.NET bridge. Learn more

Application Design and Development

Our specialists will complement and enhance your development team, helping you design, implement, test, and/or document a Java component, API, library, or application to your specifications and requirements.

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