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Excelsior JET 2.5x Maintenance Pack 1 Download

WARNING: This Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1) fixes particular compiler problems reported by Excelsior JET users and discovered by Excelsior test engineers after version 2.5 release. It has not been tested as thoroughly as the original 2.5 release, so if you do not experience any severe compiler-related problems, such as compiler or application crash or incorrect application behavior, we recommend you to NOT install MP1 for use in a production environment.

New and fixed in MP1

  1. Compiler engine updated
  2. SWT sample added


  1. You should have Excelsior JET 2.5x installed before applying the Maintenance Pack.

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. If you are a registered customer of Excelsior JET 2.5x Standard or Professional Edition, but have not received a user/password combination for MP1 download, request it from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.
  2. Depending on the Edition of Excelsior JET you are using, download:

    Professional Edition jet-251-pro-mp1-win32.exe Password Required
    Standard Edition jet-251-std-mp1-win32.exe Password Required

  3. Launch the downloaded executable and follow the on-line prompts.

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