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Excelsior JET 3.15 Maintenance Pack 2 Download

NOTE: This Maintenance Pack has been superceded by Maintenance Pack 3, which is now the recommended download.

Excelsior JET 3.15 Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2) is an optional cumulative update. It has all functionality of Maintenance Pack 1, including support for JRE 1.4.2_01, 1.4.1_05 and 1.3.1_09, plus fixes for a few new customer issues, mainly related to the JET GUI tools, JET Control Panel and JetPackII.

NOTE: If you already have MP1 installed, JET GUI tools are working for you, and your applications can be compiled and work as expected, you can most probably skip MP2.

WARNING: This Maintenance Pack 2 (MP2) fixes particular problems reported by Excelsior JET users and discovered by Excelsior test engineers after releases of version 3.15 and the previous Maintenance Pack 1. It has not been tested as thoroughly as the original 3.15 release, so if you do not experience any severe problems, such as compiler or application crash or incorrect application behavior, and do not need to switch to the latest JRE (micro)version, we recommend you to NOT install MP2 for use in a production environment.

Download Instructions

If you are a registered customer of Excelsior JET 3.15 Standard or Professional Edition, but have not received a user/password combination for MP2 download, request it from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

Depending on the Edition of Excelsior JET you are using, click one of the download links below:

Professional Edition jet-315-mp2-pro-en-win32.exe Password Required
Standard Edition jet-315-mp2-std-en-win32.exe Password Required

Installation Instructions

The Excelsior JET 3.15 MP2 download contains the complete product. Before installing v 3.15 MP2 on a system that already has an older version installed you should either uninstall that older version or act as follows:

  1. Let's assume that you have Excelsior JET 3.15 installed in C:\JET315. Before installing MP2, rename that directory, say, to C:\JET315BACKUP.
  2. During installation of MP1, specify C:\JET315 as the installation directory.
  3. Now, should you need to switch back to the original 3.15, simply rename the directories so that the version you currently need is in C:\JET315.

Launch the downloaded executable and follow the on-line prompts.

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