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Excelsior JET 3.7 for Linux JDK/JRE Detection Hotfix

NOTE: This hotfix has been superceded by Maintenance Pack 4, which is now the recommended download.

It turned out that the original Excelsior JET 3.7 for Linux only recognizes RPM-based installations of JDK/JRE 1.5.0_xx. The reason is that installations made from a non-RPM .bin download contain slightly different binary files. This hotfix makes jetsetup properly detect both variants of the JDK/JRE 1.5.0_xx.

You do not need this hotfix if you are using Excelsior JET 3.7 for Windows or do not need to create J2SE 5.0 profiles on Linux.

WARNING: Hotfixes address particular problems reported by Excelsior JET users and discovered by Excelsior test engineers between product and Maintenance Pack releases. They are only tested against the core test suite used during development and on the customer scenario(s), if any. We therefore only recommend you to install hotfixes in the following cases:

  • You have been advised to do so by an Excelsior support engineer;
  • You need to switch to a Java API (micro)version supported through a hotfix;
  • You want to try a new technology from Excelsior that requires installation of a particular hotfix; or
  • You are experiencing a severe problem, such as compiler or application crash or incorrect application behavior.

Download Instructions

Depending on the Excelsior JET Edition you are using, click one of the download links below:

Installation Instructions

This hotfix installs on top of the original Excelsior JET 3.7, possibly with previous hotfixes applied. If you need to make a fresh installation, install Excelsior JET 3.7 first (do not run JET Setup), apply this hotfix, and then use JET Setup to create profiles.

To update an existing Excelsior JET installation, launch the downloaded executable and follow the on-line prompts. Upon successful copying of hotfix files, JET Setup will launch automatically and apply the hotfix. You will then be able to create a profile using a non-RPM installation of JDK/JRE 1.5.0_xx.

Note: Installation of this hotfix does not obsolete the existing profiles, if any.

Update Management

To undo the effect of this hotfix or any other update, do the following:

  1. Run JET Setup to display the list of installed updates: jetsetup -show-updates
  2. Locate in the list the updates which you need to activate. Then run JET Setup again as follows: jetsetup -activate-update list

    where list is a colon-separated list of update names.

  3. Display the list of profiles available for the new combination of updates: jetsetup -show-profiles
  4. If necessary, create new profiles.

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