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Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 3 Download

NOTE: This Maintenance Pack has been superceded by Maintenance Pack 6, which is now the recommended download.

Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 3 (MP3) is an optional update that fixes multiple customer issues. It supersedes Maintenance Pack 2 and incorporates all hotfixes you may have received from Excelsior Technical Support prior to June 14, 2012.

Excelsior JET 7.6 MP3 is a prerequisite for Java SE 6 Update 33 support.

WARNING: Maintenance Packs fix particular problems reported by Excelsior JET users and discovered by Excelsior test engineers after the release of the respective version of the product. They are tested on a representative subset of the test suite used during preparation of the original release. We therefore only recommend you to install Maintenance Packs in the following cases:

  • You have been advised to do so by an Excelsior support engineer;
  • You need to switch to a Java SE (micro)version supported through a Maintenance Pack;
  • You want to try a new technology from Excelsior that requires installation of a particular Maintenance Pack; or
  • You are experiencing a severe problem, such as compiler or application crash or incorrect application behavior.

Release Notes

MP3 is a prerequisite for Java SE 6 Update 33 support.

The most important issues resolved in Excelsior JET 7.6 Maintenance Pack 3 are as follows:

JET-6123: List of root certificates updated

JET-6273: Fatal out of memory in AOT compiler

JET-6338: Incorrect VM shutdown when the last Java thread is detached via DetachCurrentThread()

JET-6357: JET macros not expanded in JETVMPROP environment variable and xjava command line.

JET-6368: Max memory temporarily exceeded when allocating a lot of large objects

JET-6388: AOT compiler crash: ASSERT(FALSE,15) at line 4848 of pcO.ob2

JET-6398: GC conservatism reduction - CleanStackFrame option for compiler

JET-6398: jet.gc.reduce.conservatism VM option added to reduce GC conservatism

JET-6403: Unsafe.allocateMemory() returns null in certain cases instead of throwing OutOfMemoryError

JET-6408: Error #17 occurs when JNI AttachCurrentThread() is used intensively

JET-6420: junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<1.0> but was:<1.0>

JET-6442: AOT compiler crash: ASSERT(FALSE,15) at line 7492 of pcO.ob2

JET-6452: Stack overflow if Java security manager is enabled in Tomcat applications


JET-6372: Wrong detection of installed RAM amount in JET Setup on 64-bit Windows.

JET-6391: JetPackII resets empty "Default program folder" field to a non-empty default value upon project load.

JET-6410: Runtime.exec() does not pass unicode environment to the new process

JET-6430: Incorrect timezone detection on Windows 7 with non-english display language


JET-6132: Eliminated dependency on LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable from JET Control Panel and JetPackII

Download Instructions

If you are a registered customer of Excelsior JET 7.6, but have not received a user/password combination for MP3 download, request it from our Support Dept. at support@excelsior-usa.com.

If you need only the fixes included in MP3, click one of the download links below:

Installation Instructions

MP3 installs on top of the original Excelsior JET 7.6, possibly with previous hotfixes applied. If you need to make a fresh installation, install Excelsior JET 7.6 first, cancel JET Setup, and apply MP3.

IMPORTANT: To get a Java SE 6 Update 29 or Update 31 profile working with MP3, first download and install the respective add-on, which includes the required Maintenance Pack and a prebuilt Java 6u29 or 6u31 profile. Then apply MP3 and refresh that profile (or create a new one if needed.)

To update an existing Excelsior JET installation, launch the downloaded executable and follow the on-line prompts. Upon successful copying of Maintenance Pack files, JET Setup will launch automatically and apply the Maintenance Pack.

Profile Management

Installation of MP3 does obsolete your current profiles. You will have to refresh them before you may continue using Excelsior JET. Those profiles are backed up by JET Setup. If you rollback to the previous update level, they will be restored.

The procedure of profile refresh is as follows:


JET Setup is launched automatically upon successful installation of MP3. Select the profile that you want refreshed and click Refresh.


  1. Run JET Setup to display the list of profiles:

    jetsetup -show-profiles
  2. Locate in the list the outdated profile(s) that you need to refresh and write down their numeric indexes.
  3. For each profile index in your list, run JET Setup as follows:

    jetsetup -refresh-profile profile

    where profile is the profile index.

Update Management


To rollback to the previous update level, select Manage JET Updates in Excelsior JET Start Menu and click Undo.

Rollback does not remove the installed updates and associated profiles, so you can reapply MP3 later without installing it. Select Manage JET Updates and click Redo until it displays the current configuration as "jet-760-mp3".


  1. Run JET Setup to display the list of installed updates:

    jetsetup -show-updates
  2. Locate in the list the updates which you need to activate. Then run JET Setup again as follows:

    jetsetup -activate-update list

    where list is a colon-separated list of update names.

  3. Display the list of profiles available for the new combination of updates:

    jetsetup -show-profiles
  4. If necessary, create new profiles.

Stay Tuned

To receive notifications about future updates:

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