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Excelsior JET Evaluation Packages

Fully functional 90-days Excelsior JET Evaluation Packages are available for immediate download.

Windows Logo Excelsior JET 8.0
for Windows (32-bit)

(79 MB)
Linux Logo Excelsior JET 8.0
for Linux (32-bit)

(81 MB)

Looking for the 64‑bit version?

As of version 8.0, 32‑bit Excelsior JET delivers better application performance. Evaluate the 64‑bit version only if your application requires a large heap and/or needs to integrate with 64‑bit native libraries.

I've got it, now give me the download link

If you will be evaluating Excelsior JET for the first time, you may wish to watch the five-minute Getting Started Tutorial.

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Installation Instructions (Windows)

Installation Instructions (Linux)

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Free Technical Support Offer

Would you like to learn first-hand about the quality of our technical support? Opt-in to receive up to 90 days of support during your evaluation absolutely free of charge and without any purchase obligations.

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