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What's New in Excelsior JET 8.0

At a Glance

Excelsior JET 8.0 is the first to support generation of 64‑bit Windows executables, enabling large heaps and integration with 64-bit native libraries. On the 32‑bit front, it delivers application performance and stability improvements over 7.6 on both Windows and Linux.

New And Improved in This Release

The Professional and Enterprise Editions of Excelsior JET are now capable of generating 64-bit Windows executables and DLLs, enabling the compiled applications to allocate over 4GB heaps and integrate with 64-bit native libraries.

However, please note that this is the first ever 64-bit release, so it has some issues (that we will surely address in the future):

  • Certain features are not available in the 64‑bit version (see Deprecated/Delayed Features below)
  • Applications are noticeably faster when compiled with the 32-bit version. Some apps are 1.5x-2x faster in 32-bit native executable form.
  • There is no support for 64-bit Linux yet

The 32-bit Excelsior JET 8.0 is functionally equivalent to version 7.6, but there were important changes under the hood. In particular, the substantially re-worked memory management subsystem delivers, compared to Excelsior JET 7.6:

  • 15-20% higher performance on memory intensive applications
  • 10-50% shorter GC pauses
  • Eliminated root causes of unexpected OutOfMemoryErrors
  • Fixes of certain sporadic access violation crashes (TRAP#3, TRAP#17), except for those provoked by JNI misuses in third-party components

There is also one known regression in the 32-bit version: JIT compilation time (fast JIT mode) has increased by 25% on average.

Deprecated/Delayed Features

As of version 8.0, the following features are deprecated in 32-bit Excelsior JET and will be removed in the next release:

  • Optimizing JIT compiler
  • JIT caching (including recompilation and deployment)
  • Executable Image Optimizer
  • Splash screen extensions

In addition, the following features are unavailable in the 64‑bit version:

  • All deprecated features listed above
  • Startup Optimizer and Startup Accelerator
  • Global Optimizer, and hence Java Runtime Slim-Down and disk footprint reduction
  • Generation of trial versions

The non-deprecated features will be enabled in the 64-bit version in the future.

For more information, please refer to the respective blog post.

Java Version Support

Excelsior JET 8.0 supports Java SE 6 Update 43. (Yes, we are working on Java 7 support.)

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