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Excelsior JET Licensing Terms and Conditions

Commercial License

Development Use

Purchase of a single commercial Excelsior JET license gives you the right to install the product on the computer you primarily use for development, and to make a secondary installation on your home system, portable computer, or night build server, as long as it is not used simultaneously with your main development workstation.

Within an organization, you can make twice as many installations as you have purchased licenses, provided the number or concurrent users never exceeds the number of licenses.

The license is perpetual to the specific version of Excelsior JET which you have purchased and comes with one year of support and upgrades, renewable at a discount.

Production and Redistribution Use

Production use and redistribution use of Excelsior JET Runtime is permitted only in conjunction with and as part of your software product.

Excelsior JET Runtime includes the standard Java API code licensed from Sun Microsystems. According to that license:

  • Deployment of your software product that includes Excelsior JET Runtime onto general purpose desktop computers and servers shall be royalty-free, but
  • Usage of Excelsior JET Runtime in embedded systems in the general case requires you to sign a trademark and license agreement with Sun Microsystems and pay per-unit royalties. Exceptions are low-volume deals, for which Excelsior help you negotiate a flat fee with Sun.

Full text of Excelsior Individual Software License Agreement

Academic Licenses

Academic Individual License

The terms of the Excelsior Academic Software License Agreement are similar to the above, except that it explicitly prohibits the use of the licensed product for purposes other than education and non-commercial research and terminates automatically if your relationship with the academic institution ends. The price of the Academic Individual License does not include support.

Academic Site License

The Academic Site License enables all faculty, staff, and students from multiple departments of an academic institution to use the licensed Excelsior product for education and non-commercial research purposes at a fixed price.

Site- or organization-wide licenses for commercial use are not available.

If you have any questions, or would like to license Excelsior JET on special terms, please contact our Sales Dept. at sales@excelsior-usa.com.

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