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We kindly invite you to join the opt-in, announcement-only mailing list for Excelsior JET users.

"Opt-in" means that your email address shall not appear in our list unless you explicitly subscribe to it or check the respective box when filling some form on our Web site.

"Announcement-only" means that nobody but authorized members of Excelsior, LLC staff may post to our lists and that the only thing you shall receive from time to time are news and announcements pertaining to the Excelsior JET product.

Expect to receive our mailings about once a month, with content including:

  • Announcements of new releases and updates
  • Pointers to new Knowledge Base articles
  • Digest of our recent blog posts pertaining to Java and Excelsior JET
  • Special offers
Subscribe to the Excelsior JET Mailing List Now

After you type your email address into the above form and click Subscribe, our mailing list manager will email you a unique URL you shall have to visit in order to confirm your subscription. This is done to prevent unauthorized subscriptions.

Similarly, each message sent to the list contains a personalized unsubscribe URL, so you shall be able to quit the list at any time just by pointing your browser to that URL.

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