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Excelsior JET Plug-in for IDEA

Excelsior JET Plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA streamlines the process of optimizing and packaging Java™ applications for deployment using Excelsior JET.

Excelsior JET Plug-in provides the following features:

  • action to invoke JET Control Panel wizard from IntelliJ IDEA to compile your Java application to native code
  • quick setup of Excelsior JET projects by importing application's settings from your IntelliJ IDEA project
  • action to setup command line arguments and run your JET-compiled Java application to test how it works
  • action to invoke JetPackII deployment wizard to create installation packages which contain the binary components produced by Excelsior JET

The current version of Excelsior JET Plug-in is 1.0.1. It works with IntelliJ IDEA 6.0.1 and 7.0 and Excelsior JET (version 4.8 or higher). Windows and Linux platforms are supported.

Note: if you use Excelsior JET 4.8, Maintenance Pack 2 is required.

Download & Installation Instructions

Installation via Plug-in Manager

To download and install the Excelsior JET Plug-in, do the following:

  • Open the Available tab
  • After the list of available plugins has been downloaded, right-click on Excelsior JET Toolkit and choose Download and Install Plugin
  • When the installation finishes please restart IntelliJ IDEA
Manual Installation

For manual installation just download jar file into [IDEA-HOME]/plugins and IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects the presence of Excelsior JET Plug-in during startup.

Click here to download Excelsior JET Plug-in.

Integration with Excelsior JET

For integration with Excelsior JET you just need to configure the path to the Excelsior JET installation directory. For that, please select File->Settings->Excelsior JET item from the IDEA's main menu.


Excelsior JET Plug-in adds 3 actions to IntelliJ IDEA: Build Executable, Run Executable and Create Installation. The actions are activated manually via the main toolbar buttons or Build->Excelsior JET menu items.

Note: The actions are available only if there is a valid Run/Debug Configuration.

Build Executable

Invokes JET Control Panel wizard to compile your Java application to native code.

At first running of each IntelliJ IDEA project you should specify the location of JET projects and additional files. By default, the subdirectory named "jet" is created in the directory with IDEA project.

To simplify Excelsior JET projects creation most of required settings are made automatically from IDEA Run/Debug Configuration.

Note: After JET projects creation the synchronization with Run/Debug Configuration is not supported further.

Run Executable

Requests the command line argument and runs JET-compiled executable which is produced by Excelsior JET from your Java application.

Create Installation

Invokes the JetPackII deployment wizard to create an installation package which contains the binary components produced by the JET Optimizer from your Java application.

Current version of Excelsior JET Plug-in supports only Application type of Run/Debug configurations.

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