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Excelsior JET Customer Quotes

We are proud to share the following testimonials written by our clients. Here's what they have to say:

"The main reason Rocksand chose the Excelsior compiler was to protect our Java source from plagiarism, but we soon found that Excelsior JET was more than just a compiler.

Apart from the reduced execution time and the added bonus of a packaging facility, Excelsior JET provides a wealth of tuning options to enhance performance and provide an all round professional product.

We have also been very impressed with the top class support on the odd occasion we have requested it and without hesitation can thoroughly recommend this production tool.

Paul Sapsford
Managing Director
Rocksand Computers Limited

"Our Java application must be installable from a mobile device that has a small amount of flash memory. Packaging the standard JRE with the application would make the installer size unacceptable. Using Excelsior's Java Runtime Slim-Down we were able to create the reduced install package that meets our requirements."

Zhang Qianchun,
Senior Engineer,
Huawei Communication Technologies Co.,Ltd

"I am very impressed with Excelsior JET. After downloading the eval, it took me about fifteen minutes to compile and package an application - and five minutes of that time was for watching the tutorial! We have since purchased Excelsior JET and are very happy with it. JET is very easy to use, applications run noticeably faster, our code is protected from reverse-engineering and packaging software for end users is incredibly easy. I give my "job well done" to the team."

Max Huff,
Integware, Inc.

"Excelsior JET is more than a native compiler: besides code protection you get real JRE, support for multi-component apps and a tool for easy deployment. And the pro support/developer team - they even helped me to solve a non-JET puzzle and this was above all expectations."

Ljubo Brglez, Slovenia

"We've purchased Excelsior JET Professional in January 2007 and since then, one of the most surprising things is Excelsior Support Services. It overcame our expectations about a support service. And I really needed Excelsior Support, reporting some problems we should solve in a short time. And every time we needed them, we had a solution, a good explanation about the problem.

Excelsior has an excellent product that meets our need to protect our code and make it run faster than a traditional java application and we are very happy to know we can count on the efficiency of Excelsior Support Services too."

Alexandre Boaventura,
Java Development Team
GZ Sistemas, Brazil

"I would like to thank the excelsior team for an excellent service and support. We purchased Excelsior Jet to speed up our application and to prevent pirating.

I found a memory leak which occured if I start our compiled application and let JConsole run the same time. It took about 3 days from finding the bug till they send me a hotfix. That was much faster than I hoped. I am deeply impressed.

If anyone would have a support like that, there would be much less problems."

Christian Kellner
Software Engineer
Technotrans AG, Germany

"We've been using Excelsior JET for more than 3 years and very appreciate thoughtful design and the quality of the product. Excelsior JET includes reach set of features for compilation and deployment, yet it has very straightforward and easy to use UI. All features are well documented.

The "dll hell" is biting the Java world. We have to assure that users will use our product with specific built of specific version of Java to avoid certain JRE bugs. Excelsior JET deployment model assures that users are using our product in environment we tested. That increases our confidence and minimizes user support and bug fix releases. Applications compiled with Excelsior JET look professional and users don't have to mess with batch files.

Another thing, we'd like to command Excelsior JET for great customer support they provide. We had an issue of certain features not working well with Java 5. Customer representative was eager to help and they provided another version that satisfied our needs. We highly recommend Excelsior JET."

Sergey Tsvid,
Software Engineer
Truewind Technologies, USA

"I would very much like to thank the whole excelsior team for such excellent service and after sales support since purchasing Excelsior Jet 4.5. The support team at Excelsior always promptly responded to my emails even when it seemed that their own product was not to blame for my bugs. A rather nasty bug surfaced in the jmf when running my code through the jet jvm, even one that the standard Sun JVM could not pick up!

Thanks to their top class development engineers going through my code and offering sage advice I eventually found the solution in switching out one of the media codecs. The problem persisted for the better half of a year on which they never gave up on. I would just like to say a big thanks to Excelsior Support team for really going the extra mile on this one. I am sure that any other company offering a support contract would not have gone to these lengths to make a client happy. Just the support I received from these guys was worth the purchase price of the product. The product is also super easy to use and packs java code into a nice secure exe. I would highly recommend the excelsior team to anyone wishing to buy their products."

Johannesburg, South Africa

"The main benefit of using Excelsior JET has been the simplicity of deployment: We can now give our customers a single .exe installer which places all runtime environment material on the user's PC without any technical fiddling required. Since Senomix Timesheets is often evaluated (and eventually used) by non-technical people (HR staff, office admin people and the like), being able to provide those users with a really easy way to install a Java-based program solved a ton of installation issues.

Secondary benefits include: code obfuscation for product security and the ability to specify a single JRE version for all system users, so we're not facing the nightmare of troubleshooting bugs which crop up between Java JRE releases.

We've found Excelsior JET to be an excellent tool for the deployment of our software!"

Charles D. O'Dale,
Senomix Software Inc.

"We are concerned about software pirating and intellectual property rights. This is part of the reason we are using your Excelsior JET compilers. We were also interested in speeding the processing and reducing the code size. Your product has been super for us."

Walter Arlt
Arlt Technologies, Inc., USA

"We are impressed by the improvement in efficiency JET can bring to our e-Form product, where the GUI responsiveness is critical to its success. We are very much satisfied with the sophistication of the compiler that is able to correctly handle some of our complex modules, e.g. a PKI crypto engine, an XML parser, a PDF renderer and a Javascript interpreter, which are implemented using largely different patterns."

Matchy J M MA, IT Manager
Versitech Ltd., HONG KONG

"JET is great, I highly recommend its use to everyone who wants to use Java but needs final exes that are smaller and faster than what Java alone can provide."

Matt Jones,
Flashbulb Studios

"Great stuff. I am very impressed with the results it gives and actually placed my order within 24 hours of first using the trial edition of the software. Now that I have a registered version of Excelsior JET I can truly vouch for its performance increasing capability on Java class files and packages. This is taking into account that I already write highly optimised code and use other third party optimisation detectors beforehand so I really have been surprised at the significant performance boost JET provides. It really helps make my applications more competitive with today's standards."

Tim Gall,
Software Engineer
OZ-DevWorX, Queensland, Australia

"Even without an official support contract, the Jet people have responded quickly and thoroughly to my bug reports and suggestions for improvements. They have provided better service free than most companies provide for hefty fees. I wonder what they do for an encore when you do sign up for support."

Roedy, president
Canadian Mind Products, Canada

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