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Excelsior JET on The Server Side

Excelsior JET is designed with a particular focus on performance and scalability. Available for Linux/x86 and Windows, Excelsior JET forces Java middleware and applications to utilize CPU and memory resources of production servers more efficiently. This means that you can achieve higher levels of performance, throughput and application usage scalability without additional software engineering and investments in server hardware. For large-scale deployments, the cost savings can be significant.

What differentiates Excelsior JET from other solutions? First, it is an appropriate blend and balance of new and traditional technologies. Specifically, Excelsior JET features a static compiler to transform Java components to highly optimized native code off-line, on the developer system. It allows you to optimize both your enterprise application and the application server for maximum performance prior to deployment. In addition, Excelsior JET Runtime supports optimizing Just-In-Time compilation thus enabling dynamic deployment of those components that were not or could not be optimized off-line. For high scalability, it includes a proprietary garbage collector, which utilizes the underlying hardware efficiently to keep the collection pauses short even on large Java heaps.


Typically, a server-side application contains several components such as Web server, application server, back-end, etc. Performance bottlenecks of the entire system can lurk in any of those components or even in interaction between them.

Excelsior JET helps you enhance performance of Java components of your enterprise application. For example, if you harness Apache Tomcat as the Web server, you can increase performance of the Web components of your system. However, JET cannot help you if the only performance bottleneck is the low throughput of the database engine.

To identify performance problems of server applications, Excelsior offers enterprises professional services for Performance Audit and Tuning.

Getting started

  1. Download and install a fully functional evaluation copy of Excelsior JET.
  2. Follow the article Using the xjava launcher.
  3. Excelsior JET has been successfully tested with certain popular server products and technologies listed on the Tested Products page.

Additional Information

Server Runtime

If your production hardware is multi-CPU boxes, check out Excelsior JET Server Runtime that scales well on N-way systems.

NT Services

Excelsior JET for Windows lets you easily convert your Java applications to NT  service executables and deploy them. The graphical tools, including Excelsior Installer, support the seamless creation and deployment of NT services. For more details, see

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