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Excelsior JET Scores High In Java Performance Report


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Excelsior JET Scores High In Java Performance Report

Excelsior JET 2.0, Professional Edition Outperforms Sun's HotSpot Server VM and Competing Products In An Independent Comparison

NOVOSIBIRSK, RUSSIA - August 3, 2001 - Excelsior JET 2.0 gets high scores in the Java Performance Report - an independent study of Java performance, where both virtual machines and static compilers are evaluated.

"The Java Performance Report, Part IV - Static Compilers and More", (http://www.javalobby.org/fr/html/frm/javalobby/features/jpr/part4.html) published August 1, 2001, compares Excelsior JET and two competing products with the latest version of Sun Microsystems' HotSpot Server VM. Excelsior JET dominates, scoring number one on more benchmarks than any of the other products included in the report.

In particular, Excelsior JET topped the most widely recognized server-side Java benchmark, VolanoMark 2.1.2, demonstrating 20% higher performance than the second best participant on up to 1,000 connections. Excelsior JET also was among the two most scalable solutions, establishing 3,960 simultaneous connections, which is almost double the capacity of Sun Microsystems' HotSpot Server VM (2,160 connections).

About Excelsior JET

Excelsior JET 2.0, Professional Edition is an optimizing Java to native code compiler and high performance runtime, which improve performance and reduce memory footprint of Java applications on the Microsoft Windows platform, and protect them against reverse engineering.

System Requirements

OS:Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 95, or 98
JDK:Sun JDK 1.3.0_02 or 1.3.1, Standard Edition
CPU:Pentium-class, Pentium-II 266 MHz or higher recommended
RAM:128MB minumum, 192MB or more recommended
Disk Space:60MB (200MB required during installation)

Availability and Pricing

Excelsior JET 2.0, Professional and Standard Editions are available immediately via on-line forms at www.excelsior-usa.com and from authorized resellers worldwide. Professional Edition is $1,500 and Standard Edition is $350 per developer. Volume discounts and options for site/corporate licensing are available.

Fully functional evaluation copies may be downloaded from http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdleval.html

About Excelsior, LLC

Excelsior, LLC provides advanced software development solutions - optimizing compilers, source to source translators, analysis and reengineering tools, and related services. Privately held, Excelsior, LLC, is headquartered in Novosibirsk, Russia, and is on the Web at www.excelsior-usa.com.

Note: Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.


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