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Excelsior Announces the First Release of Their Java VM for Linux, to be Showcased At JavaOne

The company will showcase Excelsior JET 3.6, an upgrade to its Java VM supercharged with ahead-of-time compilation, at its booth at JavaOne(sm) 2004. Targeting Microsoft Windows since 2000, Excelsior JET will now be available for both Windows and Linux on the Intel x86 (IA-32) platform.

Novosibirsk, Russia (PRWEB) June 23, 2004 -- Excelsior, LLC, a Russian vendor of software development tools, has announced today that it will unveil the new version of its flagship product at the upcoming Sun Microsystems' JavaOne(SM) conference. Excelsior will exhibit in booth #519 and will demonstrate Excelsior JET 3.6, an important upgrade to their Java Virtual Machine supercharged with Ahead-Of-Time compilation.

Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation, the core feature of Excelsior JET, enables Java developers to transform their applications into conventional binary executables for the target platform. This results in, among other benefits, improved application performance and intellectual property protection. At the same time, Excelsior JET fully supports Java dynamic class loading facilities through provision of a Caching Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler.

Excelsior JET has been available to Java developers targeting Microsoft Windows since the year 2000, and this new release will have version number 3.6. The growing popularity of Linux, in particular among Java developers, has inspired Excelsior to port their product to Linux. Starting from version 3.6, Excelsior JET will be available for both Windows and Linux on the Intel x86 (IA-32) platform.

"Many Excelsior JET users were asking us whether we plan to support this or that platform in the future, and Linux was by far the most desirable target", said Dmitry Leskov, Excelsior's Director of Marketing. "Given the number of inquires, we expect that our customer base will grow substantially with this new two-platform release."

Excelsior will distribute evaluation copies of Excelsior JET 3.6 for Windows and Excelsior JET 3.6 for Linux at their JavaOne booth. Excelsior JET 3.6 is set to become available for purchase on July 12, 2004. Users of the current version of Excelsior JET for Windows will receive a very special offer for the Linux version.

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Excelsior, LLC provides advanced software development solutions - optimizing compilers, source to source translators, analysis and reengineering tools, and related services since 1999. Privately held, Excelsior, LLC, has its headquarters in Novosibirsk, Russia, and is on the Web at www.excelsior-usa.com


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