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Excelsior JET 4.8 Reduces The Disk Footprint Of Java Applications

Java apps are now a better fit for distribution on removable media such as flash memory cards.

Novosibirsk, Russia, November 29, 2006 - Excelsior LLC has annoucned today that Excelsior JET 4.8, the latest update to the company's certified Java SE technology implementation for desktop and embedded systems, has been released today. The key new feature of this version is substantial reduction of the disk footprint of Java applications.

With one terabyte hard drives on the horizon, application disk footprint does not sound like a big issue on the desktop. But the growing popularity of technologies such as U3 Smart Drive or Ceedo Personal, which let you carry your entire computing environment around on a portable deivce and use it on any Windows PC, forces application developers to think the disk footprint issue over again.

The use of flash memory cards and USB drives as application distribution media is also on the rise, and the less space your app takes, the more data such as maps or ebooks you can put on a card of the same capacity.

Java applications do not quite fit in the above environements, because they only work on systems that have the so called Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, and the latest versions of the JRE available from Sun Microsystems, the creator of the Java technology, occupy about 70 megabytes of disk space. A bit too much considering flash memory costs. The JRE alone is much larger than a typical desktop application written in C++!

Excelsior JET converts platform-neutral Java code into highly optimized machine code and produces native executables for Windows or Linux that run without the JRE. Excelsior JET 4.8, released on November 29th, 2006, is the first Java SE technology implementation that enables you to optimize your Java applications for disk footprint. It detects the components of the Java runtime that are likely not required for your application to work and compresses them using a very effective specialized algorithm. On-demand decompression may be done direct to memory at run time. As a result, a medium-size SWT-based desktop Java application takes only 20MB of disk space.

About Excelsior JET

Excelsior JET is a certified Java SE technology implementation designed to help accelerate Java applications, secure them against reverse engineering, and distribute Java software products without the need to use the JRE.

The complete list of improvements and new features in Excelsior JET 4.8 may be found at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetlatest.html

Pricing and availability

Excelsior JET 4.8 supports Windows and Linux on Intel x86 and compatible hardware. Three Editions are available: Standard, which lists for $1,200 per developer, Professional, priced from $2,300 per developer, and Enterprise, $4,500. All purchases include one year of support and upgrades.

Academic licenses are available to students and members of the faculty and staff of qualified academic institutions at much reduced prices.

No runtime fee applies to deployment of optimized applications to conventional desktop PCs and servers. Deployment to embedded systems is subject to royalties.

For more information or to download an evaluation copy, please visit our Web site at www.excelsior-usa.com

About Excelsior

Excelsior LLC provides advanced Java-compatible solutions and software development services with particular focus on optimizing compilers, high performance runtime environments and the Java technology. Excelsior is a Java Authorized Licensee. The flagship product of the company, Excelsior JET, is a complete solution for acceleration, protection and deployment of Java applications. Founded in 1999, Excelsior is headquartered in Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia. To learn more about Excelsior, visit www.excelsior-usa.com.


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