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Eclipse Plug-in for Excelsior JET

Export RCP apps to native code

This plug-in provides basic functionality for exporting Eclipse RCP applications in native code form and enables distribution of the applications without the easy-to-hack jar files.

With the Eclipse plug-in for Excelsior JET, the exporting of RCP applications to native code can be done in three simple steps.

STEP 1: Invoke the Export wizard

Click the Excelsior JET button in the Eclipse toolbar.

The export wizard window will appear.

STEP 2: Select destination

You may export your RCP application into a directory as if you were using the standard Eclipse Product export wizard, or wrap the application into Excelsior Installer to enhance the end-user experience.

Specify the desired Product Configuration file and enter the path to the destination directory or to the installer executable you wish to create.

STEP 3: Export!

Click Finish. The exporting process will start.

Upon successful completion, a dialog will appear, displaying the location of the exported application.

From this dialog, you may also get instructions for the headless build of your RCP application with Excelsior JET and test drive the application installer, if you opted for its creation on STEP 2.

Note: Eclipse RCP applications exported with Excelsior JET no longer need the JRE to run.

Advanced features

Advanced features of Excelsior JET for Eclipse RCP, such as Startup Optimizer, Java Runtime Slim-Down, installer branding, and others are available in the standalone Excelsior JET tools presented in this Flash tutorial.

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