Java Consulting

Got a mission-critical Java project with hardcore requirements?
Imagine having experienced JVM engineers working to make sure you succeed.

Because we literally know the Java technology inside out.

Excelsior is one of just a few Oracle Java SE Licensees out there. Our engineers went through every page of the JVM spec while working on Excelsior JET, our proprietary Java SE 8 implementation, and numerous JVM porting and optimization projects. They know how the core parts of the Java technology work, how to make them play well together, and how to tune them for optimal performance and throughput.

If the success of your project depends on understanding of the core Java concepts, features, and APIs — memory management, synchronization, collections, threading, networking, — to the finest level of detail on knowing their performance, scalability, and memory utilization characteristics, and so on, look no further.

Create, improve, and fix your Java applications.

Custom Application Development

Can't find enough senior Java developers to staff your new project team? We can help you design, code, test, document, deploy, and maintain desktop and server-side Java applications.

Performance Audit and Tuning

Application falls short of performance/throughput targets in production? Engage us to refactor your code to take full advantage of mutlicore hardware, eliminate performance bottlenecks, reduce startup time and memory consumption, etc.


Whether you are facing an intermittent bug, unexpected performance degradation, scalability issue, or memory leak, we have the expertise and tools to help you diagnose, isolate and fix the problem.

Our knowledge of the Java software stack spans from server middleware and UI toolkits all the way down to core APIs to JVM internals to native code to O/S calls to hardware latencies.

Cool, now just show me the alphabet soup »

Java/Scala/Groovy/Closure, SQL, PL/SQL
Spring MVC/Data/Boot, Wicket, Struts
Java EE (EJB 2.1/3.0, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, CDI)
Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish
JSP/Servlets, JDBC, HTTP, RESTful APIs
MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle

JPA, EclipseLink, Hibernate, liquibase
Couchbase, HBase, Hadoop
Eclipse RCP, JavaFX, Swing, SWT/JFace
HTML5/CSS3. JQuery, ExtJS, AngularJS
Lucene, Solr, Elasticsearch
Amazon Web Services

For obvious reasons, we cannot share code resulting from commercial engagements, but here are some open source bits (just keep in mind they are in early stages):


Restler is a Java library that automatically generates HTTP clients for REST web services at run time, based on annotations in the respective service classes.

View on GitHub

Excelsior JET Maven Plugin

Provides Maven users with an easy way to compile their applications down to optimized native Windows, OS X, or Linux executables with Excelsior JET.

View on GitHub


Establish Trust

Interview us about our development process and past projects, and do not hesitate to request references.


Establish Confidentiality

We recognize the importance of keeping secret the proprietary information pertaining to your project. Email us your NDA template for review, or request ours.


Share Your Needs

Tell us about your project and how you would like us to contribute. Include the desired timeframe, team size estimations, technology preferences, and so on.

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