OpenJDK / Java ME Porting, Tuning, and Enhancement

From Java-enabling your new platform to designing and implementing a native API intergration layer,
you can count on Excelsior's nearly 20 years of working with the JVM.

Excelsior has been deeply involved in core Java developments since its inception. Our own from-scratch JVM implementation, Excelsior JET, has been certified for compliance with the Java SE specification since 2005.

The complete understanding of Java implementation details enables our engineers to accomplish tasks such as JVM porting or tuning in the most effective manner, and deliver code and documentation that conform to the highest quality standards.

Java-Enable Your Device or Platform

We may port a Java ME or Java SE reference implementation (OpenJDK) to your device, hardware platform, and/or operating system.

Optimize an Existing Port

We may help you tune a JVM for application performance, startup time and memory footprint, and/or make it meet soft real-time requirements.

Implement JSRs and Other Enhancements

We may implement specific JSRs, native API intergation layers, and any other JVM enhancements mandated by your use case.

JDK Ports

We ported the Java SE reference implementation to several platforms by request of Sun/Oracle Java customers.

We cannot publicly share any details due to NDAs, but feel free to request references.

Java ME CDC Enhancements

Samsung Electronics logo

Samsung Electronics engaged us to develop several Java ME CDC enhancements, aimed at improving the startup and response times of Java apps running on Digital TVs and other home appliances.

In particular, the low-pause garbage collection algorithm was later patented in South Korea, Europe, and the United States (U.S. Patent No. 07302544)

"The performance, operation and overall quality of the deliverables were excellent. We are satisfied with the results of the project and I really appreciate the Excelsior's contribution."

Changgi Kwon, Senior Engineer
Digital Solution Center, Samsung Electronics

Excelsior JET

Excelsior JET is a Java Virtual Machine enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time compilation technology. On the market since the year 2000, it is certified Java Compatible on Windows, macOS and Linux systems based on Intel x86, AMD64, and ARMv7 processors.


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