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JVM Porting and Optimization

Excelsior has been deeply involved in the JVM business since its inception in 1999. Our own from-scratch Java SE JVM implementation has been certified for compliance with the Java SE 8 specification.

The complete understanding of Java implementation details enables our engineers to accomplish tasks such as JVM porting or tuning in a most effective manner, and deliver code and documentation that conforms to the highest quality standards.

"The performance, operation and overall quality of the deliverables were excellent. We are satisfied with the results of the project and I really appreciate the Excelsior's contribution."

Changgi Kwon, Senior Engineer
Digital Solution Center, Samsung Electronics

What we can do for you

  • Java-enable your device or platform
    We may port the Java ME or Java SE reference implementation to your device, hardware platform and/or operating system.
  • Optimize a JVM
    We may help you tune a JVM for performance, startup time and memory footprint, and/or make it meet soft real-time requirements.
  • Implement JSRs

    We may enhance the Java implementation you are using with specific JSRs.

  • Java Performance Audit And Tuning

    Engage us to optimize your Java applications, remove performance bottlenecks, reduce startup time and memory consumption.

Why Excelsior?

We went through every bit of Java core technologies while working on Excelsior JET, and possess first-hand experience with such issues as memory footprint, performance and deployment of our customers' applications.

We widely use Java for in-house development, and often carry out custom projects, creating applications, Eclipse plugins and various utilities.

How to get started

Contact us and share your problems and challenges:

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