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Legacy Source Code Conversion To C/C++

Automated and manual migration from obsolete platforms and languages

We may offer you complete solutions for automated conversion of source code written in an obsolete, proprietary, or special purpose language to industry standard C/C++. Our converters generate ANSI C/C++ code which is highly readable and maintainable. We may easily adapt our converters to your needs, such as corporate standards of source code formatting, specific requirements and limitations of the target environment, etc.

For smaller code bases, we use semi-automated mode, when most of the code is converted automatically, and our engineers do the rest by hand, i.e. replacing calls to obsolete libraries by the use of modern APIs.

Automated conversion saves you a considerable amount of time and manpower, and helps you avoid conversion errors that are inevitable with manual code re-writing.

Technical Background

Most legacy languages have simple syntactic structure similar to the Pascal line of languages, so the main concerns are not parsing issues, but generation of high-quality, readable and maintainable C++ code.

Since early nineties, Excelsior team has been developing a framework for automated translation from Pascal-like languages to C/C++. The resulting converters preserve placement of all comments and correctly translate conditional compilation directives.

The technology was built off our XDS-C Modula-2/Oberon-2 "via C" compiler, and then used for several conversion projects, including those listed in the "Sample Projects" column to the right.

How to get started

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