Scientific and Engineering Application Development

From idea to algorithm to industrial software.

We design, develop, maintain, and support scientific and engineering application software for clients whose core expertise is in fields other than software engineering. We let you concentrate on what you do best and help you turn your ideas, algorithms, and specifications into quality software.

  • Design and architect the entire software subsystem of your product or service
  • Develop and/or implement in software sophisticated computational and data analysis algorithms
  • Refactor existing algorithm implementations for robustness, performance, and/or lower memory consumption
  • Supply a custom GUI, database engine, or whatever is needed to meet the requirements
  • Create APIs and drivers for custom hardware
  • Visualize your data as charts, 2D/3D graphics, or otherwise
  • Design and implement application-specific network protocols and file formats
  • Integrate all components into the final product
  • Help you organize the entire software development and maintenance process to industry standards: set up version control, issue tracking, continuous integration and testing systems, and so on.

Depending on the project, fixed price, T&M, or a combination thereof are possible. We are open to other forms of collaboration.

In today's world, the development of new products and technologies usually involves the creation of application software, and so does scientific research. However, if your core business is not software development, the costs of staffing and running a Software Engineering department may become prohibitive. You may also face a communication problem: software engineers and other technical/scientific people may have difficulties understanding each other's requirements and limitations.

At Excelsior, you will find a team of highly skilled software engineers who have degrees in Math or Physics and thus speak the language of your scientists and engineers. You will not need to hire and manage full-time software engineers, and pay them salaries during the slow months. Instead, you will always have the right-sized team at your disposal and only pay for the job actually done.

Railroad Car Wheel Measurement

Excelsior has helped a local hardware engineering firm design and develop software for a laser-based wheel measurement system that conducts safety checks on passing-by trains.

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ALTM Data Processing

For Teledyne Optech, Excelsior has developed a rich chart-based GUI for the visualisation and processing of airborne laser terrain mapping data, and implemented many new geospatial data analysis algorithms.

"I would recommend Excelsior LLC for the development of sophisticated scientific and engineering application software without hesitation."

Dr. Peter Friess, Geodetic Applications R&D
Optech International


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