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Microbusiness Licensing Program

The Program enables microISVs, early stage startups, and other very small businesses employing just a few software engineers to purchase Excelsior JET licenses at reduced prices.

"We are very satisfied with Excelsior JET and we think the discount program for your product really made the difference for us."

Julia Neel
Sapio Sciences - LIMS And Data Management

"Excelsior JET is a vital component of our development process. We were very happy about the discount."

Vladimir Polony
Polony & Weaver Homoeopathy

"I use Excelsior JET every time a new version of our software is released, so I would definitely consider it a good investment. The discount offered to us was without doubt a positive news that helped us in the final decision."

Massimo Carboni
CSPS - Image and Video analysis Solutions

Why This Program?

Excelsior JET is not an IDE that each developer uses on a daily basis, but rather an optimization and deployment tool that is invoked during automated builds most of the time. Therefore it is often sufficient to purchase just one license for a group of developers, which effectively makes the price per developer higher for the most price-sensitive customers.

Who Is Already Participating?

Selected participants and their products:

LIMS And Data Management
Sapio Sciences, LLC

Digital Tachograph
Rocksand Computers Limited

Programmable engineering calculator and plotter
Moscazul Software LLC

Wi-Fi Real Time Location Systems [Case study]
Onendis Systems

4D Business Intelligence [Case study]
Global Vision Systems

Web Desktop
Grapecom Ltd.

Image and Video analysis Solutions

What Is Being Offered?

The products available through the Program are:

  • Excelsior JET, Professional Edition for Windows
  • Excelsior JET, Professional Edition for Linux
  • Excelsior JET, Enterprise Edition for Windows
  • Excelsior JET, Enterprise Edition for Linux

You can choose either Basic or Standard Support.

This is a discount program, which means that a product licensed under it is identical to the product licensed at full list price. The license agreement and the text of the Support Contract do not differ either. Only the price and, in some cases, the length of the initial support period vary.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Independent professionals, IT companies (microISVs, consultancies, etc.) employing five or less people, and non-IT companies employing ten or less people are fully eligible for the Program.
  • Somewhat bigger companies are conditionally eligible. Make sure to elaborate on your situation in the comments field when applying.
  • A verifiable company presence (website, company profile, registration record, etc.) is required.

What Else I Should Know?

  • One named customer may only purchase one license.
  • The license is not-for-resale and non-transferable. Transfer permission may be granted upon request if a merge or acquisition occurs. Transfer will be free if the new company would have been eligible for the Program.
  • We reserve the right to change the above terms and conditions and the right to cancel the Program at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, if such a change or cancellation occurs after you apply to the Program, the terms and conditions of your purchase shall be those that were active when you applied.

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