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The new XDS Modula-2 IDE is an open source project based on Eclipse.

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Products of the XDS family facilitate software development in the Modula-2 and Oberon-2 languages. The unique feature of XDS is seamless integration between Modula-2 and Oberon-2 modules that enables you to mix those languages in one project freely.

Since May 2005, all XDS Products are available under a freeware license. We may also help you migrate or port your legacy Modula-2 code or convert it to C/C++.

Common Features

ISO 10514 compliance and language extensions
XDS Modula-2 complies with ISO 10514 language specifications. A number of language extensions, explicitly controlled by compiler options, simplify migration of the code from "pre-ISO" Modula-2 implementations as well as interfacing with other programming languages.
Multilanguage programming support
The unique feature of XDS compilers is seamless integration between Modula-2 and Oberon-2 code. Modula-2 objects (types, variables and procedures) can be freely used from Oberon-2 code. There are also numerous system features that simplify interfacing with other programming languages. In your Modula-2 or Oberon-2 code, you may freely call functions residing in C DLLs or shared libraries, as well as operating system API functions, the definition modules for which are are supplied.
Rich library set
XDS comes with full set of ISO 10514 libraries that may be used from Oberon-2 code as well as from Modula-2. It also contains a number of extension libraries that make programming more comfortable (like C-style "printf" implementation) and efficient.
TopSpeed Compatibility Pack (TSCP)
Used to be a separate download in versions 2.51 and below, TSCP provides a set of language extensions and library modules that make XDS more compatible with TopSpeed Modula-2. A couple of TopSpeed sample programs adaped to XDS are also included.
Royalty-free run-time library (RTS)
XDS contains royalty-free RTS with compact and efficient garbage collector and meta-language facilities necessary for Oberon-2.
Built-in make facilities
XDS compilers automatically calculate dependencies between various source files of the project and determine the minimal set of files requiring recompilation after source change thus allowing you to build a project with complicated structure by a single run of the compiler.

Family Members

The XDS family consists of the following products:

Native XDS-x86 is an optimising ISO Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler targeting Intel x86 systems running Windows or Linux. The Windows version comes with a complete tool suite including an IDE, debugger, profiler, etc., whereas the Linux version is a command-line compiler relying on the standard Linux tools such as gdb.

XDS-C is a "via C" Modula-2/Oberon-2 cross-compiler. Its output is K&R C, ANSI C, or C++ source code, which may be further compiled by a third-party C/C++ compiler for any target platform. XDS-C itself runs on Windows and Linux.

TopSpeed Compatibility Pack (TSCP) is an add-on for XDS compilers making them more compatible with the TopSpeed Modula-2 compiler, thus simplifying porting of legacy TopSpeed Modula-2 sources.

Native XDS-x86 Optimizing compilers

Native XDS-x86 is an optimizing ISO Modula-2 and Oberon-2 compiler for 32-bit Intel x86 based platforms. Not only it enables you to mix those two languages freely, but also access the operating system API, and use any third-party library with a plain C API.

XDS-C "Via C" cross compilers

XDS-C is a Modula-2/Oberon-2 "via C" compiler: its output is ANSI C, K&R C, or C++ source code, which is subject to further compilation by a third party C/C++ compiler. This technique allows you to cross program in Modula-2 and/or Oberon-2 for virtually any target environment.

For new XDS IDE downloads, head over to GitHib.
Product File Name File Size
XDS 2.6 beta 2 for Windows (updated 06-Feb-2012) NEW BETA
   All-in-one package xds-260-beta2-win32.exe 6.9 MB
XDS 2.6 beta 2 for Linux (updated 06-Feb-2012) NEW BETA
   All-in-one package xds-260-beta2-linux.tgz 6.8 MB
Product File Name File Size
Native XDS-x86 2.51 for Windows
   Main product xds-x86-251-enduser-win32.exe 6.5 MB
   TSCP add-on tscp-x86-251-enduser-win32.exe 2.4 MB
Native XDS-x86 2.51 for Linux
   Main product xds-x86-251-enduser-linux.tgz 3.7 MB
   TSCP add-on tscp-x86-251-enduser-linux.tgz 1.2 MB
XDS-C 2.51 for Windows
   Main product xds-c-251-enduser-win32.exe 4.6 MB
   TSCP add-on tscp-c-251-enduser-win32.exe 2.0 MB
XDS-C 2.51 for Linux
   Main product xds-c-251-enduser-linux.tgz 3.1 MB
   TSCP add-on tscp-c-251-enduser-linux.tgz 1.3 MB

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