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xFunction Released as Freeware

August 20, 2011 - xFunction 2.17 for Windows and Linux released under a freeware license; xFunction for Mac OS X is discontinued.

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We shall continue supporting customers that have purchased xFunction for another twelve months, but its further development is ceased. Potential new users are encouraged to look at JNA first.

xFunction 2.17 Released

April 25, 2006 - xFunction updated to level 2.17 on all platforms.

New features:

  • Added an xFunction constructor that takes function address as int
  • Added the Pointer.isNull() method.

Bug fixes:

  • Using null as an argument of type CSTRING* caused TypesDifferentException
  • Returning of big structures did not work

xFunction for Mac OS X Is Available

July 25, 2005 - xFunction for Mac OS X released. Versions for Windows and Linux are updated to 2.16 level, upgrades are free.

New in Version 2.16:

  • xFunction for Mac OS X introduced
  • Support for Windows-specific calling convention "cdecl"
  • Bug fixed: Pointer.createArray() consumed a lot of memory and worked very slowly on large arrays
  • Bug fixed: From several callback instances of the same class, only the first instance was invoked

New in Version 2.15

This is a maintenance release fixing the following problem:

    Creating a pointer to a pointer caused NullPointerException.

New in Version 2.14

This is a maintenance release fixing the following problems:

  1. Conversion of non-ASCII characters from C char and char* (CSTRING) types to Java char and String did not work;
  2. Pointer.createArray() worked incorrectly if the base type was char or short;
  3. xFunction.invoke() returned null instead of an instance of the respective integer type wrapper if the external function was defined as returning an integer type and the returned value was zero. (This bug was introduced in v2.13.)

New in Version 2.13

This is a maintenance release addressing several customer issues.

New in Version 2.12

  1. The Windows-specific string type BSTR is supported According to Microsoft Platform SDK Documentation, "a BSTR, known as basic string or binary string, is a pointer to a wide character string used by OLE Automation data manipulation functions."
  2. Bug fixed that was introduced in version 2.1 and made structure and callback names qualified with package names unrecognizable in signatures.

New in Version 2.1

Optional #pack() clauses in strings returned from implementations of Structure.defineLayout() allow you to specify alignment for native structure fields.

New in Version 2.0

  1. xFunction is now available for both Windows and Linux
  2. The limit on the number of simultaneously existing callbacks removed
  3. The method Callback.free() introduced for deallocation of the associated operating system resources.

New in Version 1.03

This is a maintenance release fixing some bugs.

New in Version 1.01

  1. Bug fixed in class xFunction.Argument
  2. Bug fixed in multidimensional arrays handling
  3. Minor corrections in sample programs

Version 1.0

xFunction 1.0 has been released on July 18th, 2000.

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